Providing sales on social media is possible

Start and increase sales via social networks, it is possible. Femmessor-Montreal recently invited me to share with my clients my experience and my knowledge of different processes to increase sales via social networks. I really enjoyed the activity. Here are some of the tips I shared. They are tracks among many others.

Organize contests

In general, the contests allow you to have more subscribers and make your company known differently. You can organize it with tools like  that work very well. Be aware, however, that we should not limit ourselves to competitions. You can buy coursework to add sales to your accounts. New subscribers who will be added by entering your contest will not necessarily be people who will interact and stay on your page. It is therefore in your duty to animate your accounts regularly.

Give free advice

Do not be afraid to give advice on your industry. Without necessarily saying everything, you will quickly see that it can create business opportunities.

Respond to requests to add

Take the time to respond to your requests for additions. Especially on Linkedin. It is a detail often forgotten. I ask the email address to each person who adds me so that I can send them my offer of services.

Keep watch on specific keywords

With tools like Hootsuite, it’s possible to keep watch on specific keywords to identify business opportunities. For example, you can monitor the words “Bijoux Québec” to detect individuals who are looking for information on jewelery stores in Quebec City and then exchange with these people by suggesting they come to visit your shop or give them some tips.

And you, have you ever had sales from social media? What has worked the most for you?