Interview with Kristell Tremblay, 31 years old engineer and president of Construction KT

The construction market has been the focus of attention recently. For Kristell Tremblay, recently launched in the adventure, it is rather an opportunity. “For me, the climb is blazing!” She said jokingly. “Imagine: I went from 0 to 1! “Being a woman, young and engineer, it is rather an asset in this environment today! “

A woman in a non-traditional environment

“My path has always been traced”

“I’m doing the best job in the world! From the start Kristell Tremblay, 31, engineer, mechanical engineering graduate announces the color.

“My way,” she says, “has always been traced: I come from a family of entrepreneurs and engineers.” As far back as she can remember, Kristell has always been passionate about construction. And entrepreneur, then? The desire to become his own boss, to make all the decisions. “That’s my scorpion side! But also the pleasure of being able to do everything she can to satisfy her client: “It does not cost much to make a customer happy! “

“We trust women in this environment”

But then to be a woman, young in a middle of men is not too hard? “No, oddly enough, it’s pretty easy. I was welcomed. “We have to prove ourselves, but the customers trust the women and the newcomers to the market and the men of the trade accept us because the women are very professional” “Even if we are competing on the same call for tenders the rest of the time it’s more of a collaboration. Kristell calls those who are also her competitors “my team”. Collaboration to complete a site or to share his expertise, give advice.

“I like to change things”

Engaged in several professional associations in order to give others what she has received or acquired since the beginning of her young career. Kristell firmly believes that getting involved is worth it because you can always make things change. She is proud of her small victories. For example, having succeeded in changing the e-mailing strategy of the Ordre des ingénieurs: a bi-weekly e-mail containing useful information has replaced the daily and plural e-mails.

A dream team to serve ambitious projects

Kristell knows how to surround herself. His team consists of a chemist, Mélanie Tremblay, who is none other than his sister. With a strong technical expertise: “She is the best engineer in the family and yet she is the only one who has not done engineering studies! But Melanie is also very creative. “The materials change quickly. It’s a changing world! We must promote to customers the most innovative solutions, which have a dimension of sustainable development. What requires creativity! “

The second head of the trio is Kheira Belaid, civil engineer and project manager, but also the only woman in North America to be an examiner for the American Concrete Institute ACI (Accreditation Center for Field Technicians).

Guaranteed projects

From the beginning, Kristell works with bonded projects. It has therefore appealed to several funding agencies, including Femmessor-Montréal (a support organization for women’s entrepreneurship) whose flexible loan allows early repayment without penalty. She had planned 18 months to obtain the trust of a surety agency and finally thanks, in particular, to Les Elles de la construction, she obtained it in 6 months. This will allow him to free himself from certain loans.

The renovation of the chapel of the Bordeaux prison

Kristell is currently investing all her energy in a new project. “It’s a great project but also a big challenge: Construction KT is off the beaten path. Our expertise is concrete, and in this project there is none! ” So why? For Kristell, working on a heritage restoration project, such as the renovation of the prison chapel, is a way of gaining a certain amount of professionalism.

“Everyone has worked hard on this project: from the chaplain of the prison to the Minister of Public Security and the Quebec infrastructure company. More than ever we have no right to the error! Construction KT takes the opportunity to stand out in terms of the quality of the works and the speed of execution.

But other great challenges await and motivate Kristell: win the Quebec entrepreneurship contest and the ESTim prize of the East Montreal Chamber of Commerce (CCEM). Winning these contests would not only increase his visibility but also motivate his troops internally while having the recognition of his peers in the industry. We wish him good luck!