Caroline Néron: Carburer at 3138%

A few days after being named  Leader of the Growth News , I had the chance to chat with Caroline Néron, jewelry designer via her eponymous company. Also, since early September, Ms. Néron is invested with a new mission, that of inspiring more participants in the Alesse contest  , it starts here! ,  In which she will act as the official judge to select the ten finalists this year.

I propose here a return on our exchanges, with the actress, author-interpreter and entrepreneur.

You are # 1 on the list of growth leaders of L’Actualité magazine. What does this represent for you?

It is a great pride for me and the beautiful team that I have. This title is also very encouraging, because everything goes so fast that it pushes us to take the time to stop and understand what we have accomplished. It’s very stimulating “

Record a growth of 3,138%, from 2007 to 2012 how do we manage this feat? What were the ingredients of this success?

A lot of work and discipline. If I had to give a recipe, it would be passion, ambition and discipline. The rest are strategies to put in place while taking calculated risks.

It must be said that since its creation in 2004, the company has experienced a meteoric rise. It now has 18 outlets and 2 franchises across Quebec, a hundred retailers in Quebec and Europe, 149 employees and a turnover of more than $ 15 million.

Your creativity and your inspiration for jewelry; What do you think of them?

It is a passion that has grown and refined. For example, I look a lot at what women wear, I consult sites, and travel to keep me informed. Inspiration comes easily to me, it’s part of my everyday life.

Imagine your busy schedule; why implications such as the fight against breast cancer, the Alesse contest, it starts here! are important to you?

It’s a duty, as a citizen. That goes without saying, naturally. I like to give time and I am happy to associate myself with different causes. Alesse for me is not a cause, it is an opportunity given to young women and I may have participated in this contest being younger. I think it’s great! Young people are often afraid to start a business, and The Alesse competition, in addition to the scholarship, is giving them the opportunity to put a project on paper, to analyze it and that is already a great accomplishment .

It should be noted that his involvement in various causes has attracted attention. There is mainly money paid to The Melio Foundation, Kelly Shires Foundation Against Breast Cancer, and CO2 Compensation (tree planting)

Some confidences … Caroline Néron believes that her dedication is her highest quality. I am with respect to my family, my company, my employees, I am a hard worker. My biggest challenge is to continue to evolve as an entrepreneur, mother and wife, while maintaining a healthy balance.

And to finish on some key tips to his 4 year old daughter …

She is still very small so I want to give her time to grow! For now, I want to let her dream. I wish him to flourish in all facets of his life. I wish her to be surrounded, to have friends It is important that she feels that she can become what she wants.